Thank You For Clothing Drive Donation


A huge thank you to all who contributed to our annual coat/warm clothing drive this week. We were visited by 83 families consisting of 490 persons. The items donated were very needed and included many new items, including some gorgeous hand knit caps that brought smiles to many children’s faces. Thank you to Vince Davis, Writer for the San Antonio … Read More

Products Available During Pandemic


Pandemic or no pandemic, the need for diapers for children under age 4 and for sanitary pads for women and teen girls of reproductive age, goes unabated. Such needs are costly, particularly on a household that is low, or even worse during the Pandemic, no income. The Center for Refugee Services (CRS) tries to make some free products available each … Read More

Update on Employment Opportunities


The Center for Refugee Services continues to work with our refugee clients and Special Immigration Visa (SIV) arrivals on employment opportunities, which are crucial to their integration into life in the United States. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have adapted some of our procedures since developing the employment network in November 2019. Under our revised processes, we are posting … Read More

New Operating Guidelines for Clients & Volunteers (Updated 2021)


Because of COVID-19, CRS created new operating guidelines and hours, so that we may continue to safely serve refugee families in San Antonio. Please take a moment to read through these before your next visit to our office. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to address them with a phone call to (210) 949-0062, by answering an email or if you fill out our contact … Read More

Promoting Infant Wellness


CRS Promotes Infant Wellness, Safe Sleeping Practices As refugee families settle into their new lives in San Antonio, the Center for Refugee Services (CRS) helps them to provide for their youngest members by promoting infant wellness: Monthly diaper packages for children < 4 (through a partnership with the Texas Diaper Bank and the Church of Latter-Day Saints’ Bishop’s Storehouse) New … Read More

The Furniture Lady


Pat Tappmeyer, One Volunteer’s Story Having fled war, persecution, torture, with only the things they can carry, living on the streets or in refugee camps, less than one percent of the world’s refugees are resettled.  They arrive in San Antonio with nothing.  Imagine arriving in a foreign land with nothing, and no family or friends to rely on. This is … Read More

Employment Assistance and Opportunities


The Center for Refugee Services helps legally resettled refugees and Afghan SIV’s successfully integrate into the San Antonio community and provide employment assistance and opportunities. They have a major advantage over asylum seekers in that legally resettled refugees and Afghan SIV’s are legally authorized to work very quickly after arrival in the US. Obviously, the legal right to work is … Read More

A Refugee’s Dream to Go to School


My name is “B.G.” I came from Eritrea, northeast Africa, next to Ethiopia. I came to the United States of America in 2013 as an asylum seeker. I traveled though many countries, as most people do when they try to find a place to save their lives. My mother used to work day and night in the field, cutting firewood … Read More