November Update

New Arrivals We at CRS thought we were busy in October when we shared that we had welcomed 320 new arrivals. Little did we know that in November we would welcome double that, close to 700. Predictions have proven to be wrong. If we get word of a certain number in the next month, we usually see that many in … Read More

BHFSA Interpreter Grant 2020


The challenge of interpretation confronts CRS’ staff members on daily basis. Over the past year those languages most frequently needing translation are Pashto and Dari (Afghanistan), Rohingya (Myanmar), Tigrinya (Eritrea), Farsi (Iran) and languages spoken in the DRC.  Unfortunately, while some of our staff members do speak some languages other than English, they are not these needed languages. Consequently, CRS … Read More

Recent Donations to CRS’s Clients


Diapers The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) has shown tremendous generosity to the Center for Refugee Services’ clients over the years.  Providing CRS with almost 13,000 size 4 diapers from their Bishop’s Storehouse regional headquarters in Colorado on an annual basis.  Additionally, Eagle Scout LDS members have collected need feminine hygiene product and diapers for … Read More

New Operating Guidelines for Clients & Volunteers (Updated 2021)


Because of COVID-19, CRS created new operating guidelines and hours, so that we may continue to safely serve refugee families in San Antonio. Please take a moment to read through these before your next visit to our office. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to address them with a phone call to (210) 949-0062, by answering an email or if you fill out our contact … Read More