November Update

New Arrivals We at CRS thought we were busy in October when we shared that we had welcomed 320 new arrivals. Little did we know that in November we would welcome double that, close to 700. Predictions have proven to be wrong. If we get word of a certain number in the next month, we usually see that many in … Read More

CRS Update


The Center for Refugee Services has been very busy in the last couple of months.  We apologize that we have not had a chance to share the success made thus far in welcoming evacuated Afghan families. Plans were quickly made at the beginning of September to collect and prepare for many new arrivals from Afghanistan. CRS welcomed 320 of these … Read More

Honoring Mothers and their new Babies with Baby Bags


It is a new year and a time of new beginnings. New COVID-19 vaccines are here. CRS is actively helping our clients to schedule vaccine appointments. Many have been particularly hard hit by the economic impact of the pandemic, having suffered illness and loss of their minimum wage jobs. But help from our generous community was on the way. Every … Read More

The Furniture Lady


Pat Tappmeyer, One Volunteer’s Story Having fled war, persecution, torture, with only the things they can carry, living on the streets or in refugee camps, less than one percent of the world’s refugees are resettled.  They arrive in San Antonio with nothing.  Imagine arriving in a foreign land with nothing, and no family or friends to rely on. This is … Read More