Planned Parenthood South Texas


A New Community Partner – Planned Parenthood South Texas

planned-parenthood-bagOn a limited annual budget, the Center for Refugee Services (CRS) works hard to identify other community partners to supply our clients with product for women and teens’ monthly periods.

CRS distributes around 125 packets of pads monthly. Such product can be costly for a low-income family, with sometimes multiple female family members of reproductive age.

In March 2021 Planned Parenthood South Texas (PPST) heard our call. They delivered to CRS over 200 packages containing 15 menstrual pads for variable cycle, a package of flushable wipes and a small purse size bottle of hand sanitizer. Angela Koester, Vice President for Community Engagement at PPST, reported that PPST hopes to provide this donation multiple times a year. CRS is so grateful for their support.