Recent Donations to CRS’s Clients




The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) has shown tremendous generosity to the Center for Refugee Services’ clients over the years.  Providing CRS with almost 13,000 size 4 diapers from their Bishop’s Storehouse regional headquarters in Colorado on an annual basis.  Additionally, Eagle Scout LDS members have collected need feminine hygiene product and diapers for their award projects, as have local stake’s young women’s groups.

In December the LDS Church’s San Antonio East Stake collected diapers for the families served by the Center for Refugee Services.  As they remembered the Christmas story of Joseph, Mary and Jesus as refugees, they decided a collection of diapers for refugee children locally would honor baby Jesus.   The stake located in Windcrest collected 100 boxes/packages which represented 8, 127 diapers of sizes 1 – 6.

As Marci McPhee, East Stake member and volunteer at CRS said, “At this time of year when our thoughts turn to the infant Jesus, born in lowly circumstances, East Stake members responded to the call to provide “swaddling clothes” for our tiny brothers and sisters in need today.”

Welcome Bags of Family Hygiene Product for New Refugee Family Arrivals

forgotten-needs-girlSeveral months ago, CRS was the beneficiary of 50 women wellness bags for new mothers.  The bags were the work of Corina Vinarov a sophomore at Walter Payton College Prep, a public school in Chicago, IL.  Corina, originally from Chicago, has temporarily transplanted to San Antonio during COVID 19 to help care for grandparents here.  Corina naturally comes by global concerns as her mother is from Iran and her father is from Russia.  However, in addition to her international roots, she took a Human Rights class as a freshman last year at Walter Payton High in Chicago.

Her year-long independent research project relating to how migration impacts women’s healthcare combined topics that she is passionate about, women’s rights and healthcare.

Corina has created her own charitable organization, Forgotten Needs TM, which was founded to help those needs often forgotten of immigrant and refugee women.  In particular, the organization is focused on the expense of and unmet need for menstrual products for low-income immigrant teens and women of reproductive age.

Recently, when the staff of CRS mentioned to Sara that we were receiving lots of large new legally resettled immigrant families from Afghanistan and that we were in need of family hygiene product to distribute to the families, Corina again came to the rescue.  On December 21st, Sara delivered to us Corina’s 50 family hygiene bags in colorful, re-usable totes.  Some of the items the bags include are: toothbrushes and toothpaste, bars of soap, deodorant, hairbrushes and combs, adult and children shampoos, menstrual products, band aids, tissues, dental floss, baby wipes, alcohol wipes, and surgical masks.

forgotten-needs-back-truckCRS adds toilet paper, detergent for dishes and for clothes, men’s razors, and CRS’s 10-page Welcome New Refugee Handbook, which can be found on our website .  Together, these items make new families, our newest neighbors, feel very welcome in San Antonio.  CRS is so grateful to Corina and Forgotten Needs TM for helping the clients we serve.  These 50 Welcome Bags should help us welcome families arriving through the first half of 2021.