Employment Services


Resume Writing

The Center for Refugee Services offers resume writing assistance to help refugees find employment in the United States.

By offering resume writing assistance, the Center for Refugee Services is helping refugees to overcome one of the biggest barriers to employment in the United States.


Employment Readiness

We help with employment readiness by provide employment counseling and job search assistance to refugees. This includes help with writing resumes and preparing for interviews.

We also offer job training programs to help refugees learn the skills they need to find employment. In addition, they connect refugees with employers who are looking to hire people from refugee backgrounds. 


Job Search

One of the most difficult parts of being a refugee is finding a job. Not only is it hard to compete with native-born citizens who often have more experience and qualifications, but language barriers can also make it difficult to communicate with potential employers.

We provide job coaching, resume writing assistance, and job placement services. We have helped countless refugees find gainful employment and build new lives in their adopted countries.


Job Applications

Many refugees come to the United States with a wealth of skills and experience, but they often face challenges when it comes to finding employment. To help refugees overcome these obstacles, the Center for Refugee Services, we offer job application assistance.

Staff members help refugees identify job openings that match their skills and experience, and they provide guidance on filling out job applications, prepare for job interviews and provide job search resources. 


Assistance with Foreign Degree Equivalency Certification

Many legally settled refuges have spent years obtaining a high-level education, only to find that their foreign degrees are not recognized in the United States. We help by providing foreign degree equivalency certification. This certification allows refugees to obtain employment in their field of expertise.


Career Guidance

CRS provides career guidance to refugees who have been resettled in the United States. The program helps refugees to identify their skills and strengths, set career goals, and find employment. The program also provides information about job resources and support services available in the community.

Refugees who participate in the program are better prepared to find jobs that match their skills and abilities, and they are more likely to obtain employment that leads to economic self-sufficiency. 


Mentorship for College Students and Professionals

CRS provides mentorship for college students and professionals. The program has been designed to help refugee youth develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen field of study.

The program pairs refugee youth with mentors who are experts in their field of interest. Mentors provide guidance and support to the refugees as they navigate their way through the college or professional world. 

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