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About The Event

The Center for Refugee Services’ World Refugee Day commemoration is an opportunity to acknowledge the plight of refugees everywhere. The global refugee crisis is at historic proportions: an all-time high of 25.9 million refugees worldwide.

This year’s theme is “Blowin in the Wind.” The theme is about yearning for a solution, for an answer to the hardships people face and the social injustice that leads to people fleeing their homes for safer haven. 

This event is a chance for people everywhere to come together to gain insights into the refugee situation, listen to first hand accounts of the journeys of refugees in San Antonio and to mobilize the community to help our newest neighbors.


Other Ways To Help

The Center for Refugee Services aids approximately 1,000 legally resettled refugees annually. We rely heavily on volunteers and individual donors to ease their path to self-sufficiency in our community.



Opportunities include:

  • Tutoring for students (elementary through high school) 
  • Adult ESL classes
  • Administrative duties
  • Maternity and Infant Wellness programs
  • Navigation services
  • Fundraising
  • Special events
  • Communications 

Together, we make a difference. Complete the form on our volunteer page to join our team.



We rely on financial support from individuals like you.
Your generous donations help facilitate services to support refugees’ successful integration into the San Antonio community.

Go to our donation page for more information.

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In 2020, the global refugee crisis has reached record proportions. The situation for most is dire and draining, and the resettlement process takes years.
Most ordinary Americans cannot even begin to imagine the traumas that refugees experience before resettlement.
To learn more about refugee stories, the resettlement journey and other relevant issues, read our blog posts.
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